Nov 03 - 05 2022


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2022 Women W-Holy Prepared | Conference

Women W-Holy Prepared

Ladies we are excited to return to the Mountain Top this November!  If this will be your first time joining us in the Poconos, prepare yourself for a dynamic experience with our Amazing God.

November 3-5, 2022 

Deeper Depths for Higher Heights!  Luke 6: 46-49; Deuteronomy 28:1-2


Powerful Preaching |   

Dr Mcmillian (New Pic w/info on flyer)
Preacher in Residence

Dynamic Teaching
Dr. Glover (with info on flyer)
 Scholar in Residence                                                                       


Live Table Talk with the Conveners
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Gospel Water Zumba
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Plenaries and Workshops

PLENARY I: When the Cracks in the Foundation are Revealed … Luke 6:49

Cracks are a sign of decay, something broken that needs mending.  The Pandemic has exposed some cracks in our communal and personal foundations. As we journey to deeper depths for higher heights, what are the existing cracks in your foundation that need repair or restoration?

WORKSHOPS:  A Firm Foundation or Cracked Pavement?  These workshops will guide you in identifying the cracks in the foundation, consider strategies to repair them and the dangers of letting them be prolonged.

  1. I am Grieving and Need Healing: For the past two and a half years, our world has gone through loss. As we move forward to come out of this space of grief, what does our trajectory look like for ministry, for family, for community, for self?
  2. Who Am I in the Eyes of God? Who Am I in My Own Eyes? I am made in the image of God (Imago Dei) but I am not always sure who I see. This workshop will tackle self-worth, walking in your God-gifted identity and the challenge of addressing inferiority complexes we may have developed because of the opinions of others or societal expectations.
  3. Just Don’t Want to be Lonely: Isolation caused by the Pandemic has seemed to linger in my life. What are healthy ways to engage community again? What do I do to overcome loneliness? 
  4. Faith over Fear: Understanding I am an Overcomer: The world has been under the grip of fear. Walking in the power and authority of God in the face of fear is what I am supposed to do; but oftentimes, it is a struggle for me. How can I fortify my faith in God so that fear no longer cripples my calling and my ability to live a purpose filled life in God?
  5. How Do I Love Thee? Jesus calls us to love our neighbors: the foreigner, the immigrant, someone who may have different belief systems or set of values. This workshop will guide you in how to be neighborly – to demonstrate the love of God while operating in matters of justice and


Plenary II:  If the Foundations are Destroyed, what can the Righteous Do?”  Psalm 11:3

We serve a God that goes beyond healing and desires to restore God’s people to a state of “being made whole”. We will explore how we can partner and participate with God in the healing and restoration process.


WORKSHOPS: These workshops will discuss practical matters on the road to restoration!

  1. Restoring our Mental Wholeness
    This workshop will examine the journey to a “renewed mind” in Christ Jesus. We will unpack the steps required through a trauma informed care lens to establish a Christ centered mental state of well-being.
  2. Restoring our Prosperous Soul
    Our souls are essential to our spiritual well-being, therefore; we must be intentional and mindful of the pouring into of our soul. The essentials of Soul Care will be addressed with the intent of creating soul care as a Christian discipline on our journey to wholeness.
  3. Restoring our Prosperous Soul (Ministers Only)
    Soul Care is critical for those who minister, proclaim, evangelize, and exhort the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us look to the “stealing away” of Jesus after caring for the multitude as our example to serve in this present age. After our “pouring out” we must be “poured into” to effectively serving others.
  4. Restoring our Financial Wellness
    Christians are called to be good stewards of all resources. Whether we were affected by the market shifts in the last three years or need to be better resource managers, this workshop will help us take steps toward becoming lenders and not borrowers.
  5. Restoring our Physical Health 
    The pounds may have piled up during the pandemic whether it was from lack of movement or emotional eating. Wholeness and healthy bodies is not about crash diets but developing a lifestyle committed to caring for the temple of God.


Plenary III Obedience for Higher Heights – Deuteronomy 28:1

The Scripture is clear that obedience is required if we want to reach higher heights in our walk with God. Going higher will require a laying aside of oneself and an embracing of not just the call but the “how” that God desires.


Call Min. Sadiqa Delaney at  929-844-8652

Register Today: (add info from flyer -not deposit)

Conference only $245

Deadline October 15th for full payment

Place: The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort

COVID protocols will be enforced

Thank you for joining the movement! We are looking forward to an amazing encounter with the Holy Spirit.

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